Bamboo Bike Studio

Ofcourse you can just go to your local bike specialist and just buy a fixed gear. But why not build your own.

The guys behind Bamboo Bike Studio will help you build one of the most unique bicycles you have ever seen. Instead of the standard aluminum or steel frame they use (as the title suggests) bamboo. Bamboo is a great material for a bike frame. Evolving over millions of years to absorb wind loading, bamboo is a natural vibration dampener. When put into a bike frame, bamboo absorbs road vibration unlike any frame you’ve ever ridden. The bamboo is joined by a combination of fiberglass tape/epoxy composite and carbon fiber roving/epoxy composite, woven together with specific patterns to create strong lugs.

They offer build-your-own-bike workshops but you can also order a build-your-own-bike kit and put it together at home.


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